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Many people would love to transform their smiles with cosmetic dentistry, but refrain from doing so because of the expense involved.  At IllustraDENT, we make having a beautiful smile a real possibility for every person who walks into our office.  Therefore, we strive to provide outstanding dental care at an affordable cost – including restorative, general, preventative, and even cosmetic dentistry.  Our Manhattan / NYC, and White Plains & Westchester County offices will make every effort to work with you and your budget, and we will work with your insurance company to make the most of your benefits.  We also offer CareCredit® and flexible financing to those who would prefer to make payments over time.


Dental Insurance

Although your insurance may cover all of your general and restorative dentistry expenses, most insurance plans do not cover cosmetic treatments such as porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, and Invisalign®.  Our team will help you determine which treatments your insurance plan does cover and determine the best financing plan to pay for uncovered treatments.  For your convenience, we will file your claims, eliminating the paperwork for you.  We welcome you to contact our office for further information on how we can work with you and your insurance company to accommodate cosmetic dentistry expenses.




CareCredit® offers up to $25,000 to cover the cost of cosmetic dentistry.  CareCredit® allows you to pay for your treatment in monthly installments, so your total cost is broken into smaller, more manageable payments.  CareCredit® offers plans with low monthly payments and low or no monthly interest, so you can transform your smile without placing excessive strain on your budget.  For more information on CareCredit® cosmetic dentistry financing, contact IllustraDENT today.


Flexible Financing

Patients who prefer to pay by cash, check, or credit can arrange to make payments over time. IllustraDENT’s team will collaborate with you to create a payment schedule that works with your budget.


Contact IllustraDENT for Financing Information

At IllustraDENT, we want to make dental care, including cosmetic dentistry, accessible.  Our Manhattan and White Plains & Westchester County offices provide a range of financing options so you can achieve the beautiful, healthy smile you deserve.  For more information on how we can help you work cosmetic dentistry into your budget, contact IllustraDENT today.


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